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    Broadcast your events for free at Tadaay's event page and reach thousands of participants.

    All Events in City Ticketing

    Online Ticketing & Payment

    Tadaay gives you an online platform to manage ticketing and payment for your events in an easy, effective and reliable manner. The process involves a novel and intuitive way to present your event information. Participants can join by obtaining tickets and make payments in a streamlined manner.

    Tools to automate your tasks

    Automate your tasks

    When you feature your event on Tadaay's event page, the enrollment for the event becomes totally automated. The participants can easily read the description of the event and can contact you for further details. You obtain all the details about the participants through an e-mail notification.

    Marketing Activities

    Marketing Needs

    Organizing an event can fulfil your marketing needs as well. Events displayed on this page are marketed across different social media platforms to make it a grand success. Tadaay believes that displaying your events on this page will attract more participants because Tadaay enjoys the presence of thousands of interested candidates.