About us

Who We Are

tadaay serves as a rendezvous for trainers, training institutes, recruiters and students. It helps trainers find the corporate training assignments. Training institutes across India can utilize the features of this platform to connect with students. Recruiters can use it as a talent pool to recruit students. If you are a student, then tadaay is a forum which will help you acquire right skills in Information technology. Help you to choose right courses to stay ahead in your career. Moreover, we provide information about the best training institutions across India with ratings.

What We Do

  • Provide an online platform to students, trainers, training institutions and recruiters to scale their activities.
  • If you are a student, then tadaay will let you explore IT courses and training institutions. After acquiring IT skills, recruiters registered on tadaay can assess you and provide employment.
  • Trainers can get visibility and much needed credibility with tadaay. This forum will be handy for you to get corporate training assignments and scale your career in a novel way.
  • Training institutes across India are welcomed here. tadaay will provide reviews and ratings for you which will draw attention from students across the country. The institutes can display information about their courses and upcoming batches.
  • Recruiters can assess students by giving them a task or utilize their scores in quizzes and assignments performed on tadaay platform. It will be a good hunt for talent acquisition in a smooth and reliable manner.

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